Welcome to French Club!

Madame Denne is the French Club advisor

French Club is made up of the students in French I, II, and III.

Meet the students

French I (grade 8)
Erin Rafferty Daniel Brown
Taylor Reynolds Harry Caldwell
Domenick Pfau Laura Jensen
Taylor Barrack Grace Cady
Heather Brockway Matt Coon
Kaite Cleavland Matt Peterson
Faith Johnson Ashley Person
Daneille St.Amour Meredith Chamberlin
Montana Reilly
French II (grade 9)
Cassie Norton Ryan St. Amour
Fernando Romero (grade 11) Sam Gabriels
Jessica McGuire Tyler Ganter
Jake Russell Brian Vilmar
French III (grade 10)
Courtney Baker Kendra Carpenter
Carolanne Fitzgerald Hannah Frazier
Kaila French Timothy Ryder
Brooke Persons
French III (grade 11)
Matt Cleavland Kristine Tiger
Devin DiMauro Kirsten Anthony
Christina Parrotta Kristen Rafferty
Lauren Quigan Caitlyn Converse
French III (grade 12)
Charlie French
Amanda Coreno
Katie Greene
Rob Snyder
Kristy Shupp



(French photo gallery coming soon!)

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