Marcus B.

Melanie B.

Samantha B.

Danielle B.

Hunter B.

Matthew B.

Carl C.

Kelton D.

Dustin F.

Tristyn G.

Mackenzie H.

Seth J.

Valerie J.

Sydney L.

Emma L.

Isaiah L.

Rain M.

Eric O.

Scott P.

Kevin P.

Aaron S.

Justin S.

William S.

Madlyn W.

Our class meets every first Tuesday of the month. The class officers meet every second Thursday of the month at Student Council.

Ms. Kelley

•President: Hunter Brown


•Vice President: Sydney LaPan


•Secretary: Emma LeMaire


•Treasurer: Tristyn Grover


•Representative 1: William Smith


•Representative 2: Dustin French


Thank you Mrs. Muscatello for the photos.


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