Thursday 12/9/10 9:13 AM

The Youth and Government club will be going to Albany March 11th, 12th, and 13th. They will be staying at the Desmond Hotel, presenting their bills and debating in the capitol building. The Judical group will also be in the capitol building, but they will be arguing their cases instead of bills.

The members of Youth and Government will also be going to Silver Bay in January to practice for Albany with other local schools that have Youth and Government. The other schools will probably be Minerva-Newcomb, Ticonderoga, Johnsburg, and Willsboro.

The BCS Youth and Government club will also be going to Johnsburg December 16 to present bills and prepare for Albany.





Bolton Central School Youth and Government Members
Freshman Sophomores Juniors Seniors
Glen Goodwin

Carl Ciccarelli, Marcus Baker, Eric Onjack, Billy Smith

Mitchell Jordan, Micheal Anderson, Todd Markham, Tim Flynn, Evan Malone, Ceejay Lofland, Josh Seamens, Sean Donahue

Andy Smith, Ryan Dickson, John Saris, Matt Smith, Mark Dawson

Kim Wright, Olivia Clescari, Molly Schroder Samantha Boyle, Madlyn Wilson, Sydney Lapan Marisa Parotta, Tori Persons, Julie O'Donnell, Marie Delorenzo Liz Parker, Charalotte Caldwell, Emma Cady, Dominique Servelli