Bolton Central School Boys Varsity Basketball

Bolton Cntral School boys Varsity Basketball

basketball player crossing over the ballbasketball player passing the ball


 Grade  Postion
 Adam S.  12th  PG
 Craig W.  12th  SG/SF
 Josh B.  12th  C
 Garrick M.  12th  SG
 Richard B.  12th  SG/SF
 Jayden M.  11th  PG/SG
 Kevin N  11th  C/PF
 Kaden T.  10th  TBD
 Marvin D.  10th  TBD
 Jordan N.  10th  TBD
basketball player playercrossingover

  Boys Varsity basketball is lead by Coach Volkmann. The practices are held in the Gym after school, the times vary from 3-4 to latest 6-7:30. If you are considering joining basketball, then you should. Basketball allows you to get in shape, while at the same time making friends and creating a good attitude toward adversity.To join you have to be in high school. If you wish to join then you can contact Coach Volkmann; or go to the main office where there is a sign-up sheet.

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