Trap Club is a club where you go shoot skeet from a distance with a 12 gauge or 20 gauge shotgun.

It is a very fun activity and helps kids learn about gun safety.

Club Name: Trap Club
Advisor: Mr. Hull & Mr. Boire
Who Can Join The Club? Any student in grades 9-12
When Does The Club Meet? Wednesdays
Where Does The Club Meet? Hudson Falls Fishing & Game Club
Something Special About The Club: It teaches people about gun safety
List Of All Members Of Team (2017-2018) Max A, Maria B, Michael B, Richard B, Maddy D, Marvin D, Liana G, Jaidyn H, Jayden M, William P, Joe P, Caitlyn S, Chelsea S, Brenedon V, Katelyn V, Kaden T, Alexis W

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