Player Number Grade Position
Ella C. 1 10 D/F
Gabs M. 2 10 M
Hope B. 3 12 M
Maria B. 4 11 D/G
Skyler S. 6 10 F
Kaytlyn C. 7 12 F
Aubrey R. 8 12 F
Katelyn V. 9 11 D
Kara B. 11 9 F
Kailey B. 12 9 M/D
Leah M. 13 12 M/F
Ava F. 19 7 D/M
Jordan B. 20 11 G
Andi L. 21 11 F
Audrey S. 22 10 D
Karla S. 23 9 D

Photo by Mr. Leone

Margaret Lawrence
Royce Lawrence
Cody Kober

We practice every weekday after school at the Bolton soccer field or the Warrensburg High School field. During those practices we work on things that will help us during our games. Something special about this team is the team bonding that occurs on and off the field.

First Team All-Stars Second Team All-Stars First Team Goalie

Leah M.

Maria B.

Hope B.

Gabs M.

Kara B.

Katelyn V.

Jordan B.

The Section 2 All-Star Banquet is December 8th, 2019.

Photo by Frank Pittelli